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Amazon joins the list of companies which already takes blockchain as a way of service

Pioneer in online sales market, the transnacional network of e-commerce takes the first step to several possibilities that blockchain technology offers and starts becoming part of the group of companies, such as HP, IBM and Microsoft, that have already joined the cryptocurrency universe.

One of the reason for easy adaptability on services based on cryptocurrency is due to the experience that Amazon has with online sales. The Amazon Web Service, or AWS, uses the cloud as mainly digital tool for profitability and products emission.

AWS Blockchain Templates service, released in April, is a cloud computing platform based on two cryptocoins already popularized. The Ethereum, for public and private networks and the Hyperledger, for private networks only, are open source structures that offers the user the possibility of, in a few clicks and via apps, launch blockchain-based transactions.

In public post, Jeff Barr, vice president and chief evangelist from Amazon, said

“AWS blockchain templates enables an easy and dynamic way, through open source structures, of launching blockchain secure networks”

Amazon already offers, in your digital platform, didactic instructions about blockchain use for those interested in joining the technology. Among the benefits, implementation speed, security, easy of use and flexibility  are some of those.

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